Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Sitting Stone

Within the ruins of the old village of Hakaui, Nuka Hiva, Marquesas

Sometimes a photograph captures more than the eye can see. This photograph, “the sitting stone” is un-edited, no flash was used, and it is shown just as it was taken. It is of a worn smooth, gently indented, sitting stone in front of an altar in small stone chapel.   

The best I can tell the chapel foundations and the sitting stone are many centuries and many, many, generations old. I glanced in my viewfinder immediately after the photograph was taken and noticed a glow to the stone that was not evident with the naked eye. It took my breath away. Weston was behind me and saw the same thing. I do not know what caused the glow but I will hold on to the feeling it created in me. It was one of being in the presence of an energy, the energy of so many people before me. Unrestrained energy in prayer, in tears, in joy, in passion, in love. That kind of energy must rub off, it connects us to each other and the world around us. I was honored to feel, and even “see” the presence of that energy there. 

I shall respect the sacredness of that place, a place where so much was poured out, where so much was received. 


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  1. I read your words full of emotion and I can feel the stone myself. The light you see are your words for in the beginning there was light first and from this light came words. Sacred is the stone as sacred as our words when we live in the light of Gods love. Great post David!