Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Offshore Sea Trial

On Thursday March 13th I took Sea Angel out for its first real off-shore sea trial.  Weston Williams and Mike Bartz were the able crew.  We departed Carolina Beach at about 11AM, stopped for lunch in Southport and departed there about 3PM.  We sailed 24 hours to arrive Charleston Mega Dock at 3PM on Friday.  We wandered beautiful Charleston till about 3PM on Saturday when we departed for home.  It took a long 34 hours to get back home due to a calm night and a fierce NE headwind approaching the Cape Fear river.  We experienced a variety of wind conditions and sea states, broke some things, learned some things, saw dolphins, hosted a finch for most of the day, saw ships, dredges, and were generally exhausted on arrival back home a little after 1AM Monday.  Thank you Mike, Weston, and Sea Angel!

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